Feeding the dogs at the Kennel

When it comes to feeding the dogs in the kennel I work at, I always make sure to meet their nutritional needs. We have a dry erase board on the wall that details what each dog should be fed, as they are not all on the same type of diet. I feed the huskies raw meat for their first meal and standard dry food for dinner. A lot of dog owners simply don’t realize how beneficial raw meat can be for dogs, especially certain breeds like huskies.

As a professional dog trainer, I’d like to think that I know quite a bit about these animals. I have spent a lot of time researching the different dogs foods there are so I can give the ones I look after at the kennel exactly what they need. The food that you give your dog will ultimately determine how healthy they are and therefore how long they will live.

At the kennel we have a number of different types of dog food for all of the different breeds. There are about 12 different breeds of dogs at our kennel, so we have quite a variety of food around. Part of my responsibility at the kennel is feeding all of the dogs, so I am very careful about what I give them. The fact is that most dog owners don’t even realize that the food they are giving their pets on a daily basis isn’t very healthy for them at all.

All of the dogs in the kennel eat out of standard metal dog bowls, which is also what their water goes in. I am also responsible for filling up the water bowls multiple times throughout each day. We have all of our pet food delivered from a wholesale company in order to save as much money as possible on it. I am allowed to change up any dog’s diet if I feel as though the change is warranted.

I feed a lot of the dogs in the kennel raw meat for at least one of their meals, but I also understand how important and beneficial dry food can be as well. Anyone who owns a dog should at least consider feeding their pet raw meat every once in a while because of how good it is for them. I also highly recommend that you really do your research before deciding on a certain type of food to give your dog.

How Working at a Kennel has Affected my Life

There is no question that working at a kennel has had a tremendous effect on my life as a whole. I started working at the kennel about 3 years ago, and since then I have become even more of a dog lover. I’ve always become a lot more empathetic towards dogs and animals overall. I grew up with dogs in the house when I was a child, so working at a kennel with them is just natural for me.

I feel as though most people don’t really think about how dogs at kennels are treated while they are there, but it’s certainly something that occurs to me much more now. I know that not all dog kennels are as nice as the one I work at, and honestly it’s something that really bothers me when I think about it. I have shied away from dating as at an early age I started to encounter severe symptoms of erectile dysfunction. I have tried just about everything that I could to correct this issue, the only things that really did help were all natural supplements, my favorite being a product called extenze. I have done most of my research through various websites reading numerous reviews in order to find what works, one of my favorite resources is a website dedicated to providing accurate reviews of these products, the page I used to locate this info was a page dedicated to male enhancement pills. Most of my life is consumed at the shelter and I appreciate that.

Since I started working at the kennel, I have learned so much more about dogs and how to really take care of them. I used to think that I knew a lot about dogs before, but once I started working here I discovered just how little I really knew. Working at this kennel has helped me out a lot with caring for my own three dogs at home. I have a much better idea as to what to feed dogs and how to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.

The people who drop their dogs off with us at the kennel trust us completely, and we do everything in our power to take care of the animals in our charge. I have learned about a lot of mistakes I had been making with my own dogs when I started working at the kennel. I am very happy that I get to work here each day, because it is just a dream come true. I can honestly say that working at the kennel has made me a better dog owner and a better person overall. I think it’s also made me a more caring and compassionate person to animals and humans.

My Worst Experiences at the Kennel

I typically don’t have many bad experiences working at the kennel, but sometimes there is an incident that just ruins my entire day. A few days ago I was training a German shepherd and got bit while trying to train him. It was definitely something I did not see coming, and it definitely rattled me for the rest of my shift. Usually I can which dogs might be aggressive, but this time I was genuinely surprised. I have been urinated on numerous times by dogs as well, but that’s just part of the job.

Getting bitten is definitely the worst thing that has happened to me while working at the kennel, but it’s definitely not a regular occurrence. Sometimes it is very frustrating when I am trying to train a dog but they just don’t seem to be picking up any of it. I’ve never had to tell an owner that I cannot train their dog, but sometimes I will say that they don’t seem particularly receptive to my training methods.

In the many years that I have been training dogs, I have come across a decent number that are just very stubborn and give me a hard time. I have to remind myself to be patient with some dogs. When it comes to being a dog trainer, you absolutely need to be patient. Many of the dogs that have been brought to me pick up on the training quickly, but this is not always the case.

If a dog keeps biting me when I am interacting with it, I will tell the owner that I can no longer work with it. It depends on just how aggressive they are though, because a lot of dogs do some light biting and nipping, especially the younger ones.

Despite some of the frustrations and challenges of my job, I do really love it. At the end of the day I can honestly say that I wouldn’t rather do anything else in the world. Some days are better than others, but that’s just the way it is with pretty much any job.

Playing with the Dogs

One of the responsibilities I have at the kennel is making sure that each dog gets an adequate amount of playtime. There are quite a few toys that the dogs enjoy playing with. There is a large fenced in area in back of the kennel where I take the dogs to play and interact with each other. Most of the dogs that we board at our kennel are very active and love to run around the big open space out back.

I really like the fact that we can provide our dogs with such a large area to run around in. I know that not all kennels can provide their dogs with so much space for outside play, so I am very happy to work here. Getting exercise is a very important part of a dog’s daily routine, so I always make a point to do this.

There are some dogs that are just more naturally active than others. Of course all dogs like to go outside and play every day, but some of them are just more excited about it. I make a point of engaging the dogs in playtime, throwing bones and toys playing fetch with them.

Sometimes if the weather is nice I will do the training with the dogs outdoors so we all both can get some fresh air. I also take the dogs for a walk each day, though it’s usually fairly short because we have so many in our charge that need to get regular exercise.

The Most Challenging Parts of my Job

I would say that my job as a whole is fairly easy, but there are certain aspects that can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. There are certain dogs that make my job more difficult than others. I have quite a bit of experience with training a wide variety of dogs, but once in a while I will encounter one that is just very stubborn and difficult to work with. I have never had a dog that I couldn’t train, but I do sometimes make less progress with certain dogs that people bring in.

As a person who is very empathetic to dogs and animals in general, I sometimes find it difficult to put the dogs in the cages, even though the crates are fairly large. The dogs at our kennel are not mistreated by any means, but part of me doesn’t like having to cage them up each night. I did have lots of problems at the kennel when I first started, but that’s just because I didn’t have any experience working in this setting beforehand.

Over the years I have gotten very accustomed to working with many different breed of dogs, and working with multiple dogs at one time. Once in a great while we will get a somewhat aggressive dog, which can be quite frustrating to deal with. I’ve only ever been bitten twice by the dogs I have worked with, simply because a vast majority of them are very well-behaved. We typically do not board dogs that are aggressive, because we don’t want to put our staff at risk of getting injured in any way.

I always welcome a challenge when it comes to training dogs. Obedience training is a big part of my job, and I think I am pretty good at it. Even with all of the skills and experience I have with training dogs though, there will sometimes be a dog that I have trouble with. Sometimes I will need to get another staff member at the kennel to help me out if I don’t seem to be making progress with a dog after a while.

All in all I really love my job, and I enjoy being challenged. There is really nothing else I would rather do when it comes to making a living.

The Way I treat dogs at my Kennel

All of the dogs at the kennel I work at are treated extremely well, and I make sure of that. Each dog gets time to play around outside in a large enclosed area in back of the building. I know just how crucial it is for dogs to get exercise, which is why I take the ones I am in charge of out each day for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I have lots of different toys that I have for playtime, which is also important.

The very first thing I do when I get to the kennel each day is to check on every single dog to see how they are doing. This is a very important part of the job, because sometimes there are one or two dogs that don’t seem to be feeling very well. If a dog appears to be sick, we will call in a vet to take a closer look at them. It’s definitely not uncommon for the dogs we shelter to get sick in some way or another, so checking on them regularly is very important to say the least.

I try my best to give each dog in the kennel a decent amount of care and attention so none of them feel neglected. There are some dogs in our kennel that are on prescription medication, so each day I have to go around and give it to them. Sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle to give the dogs their medication because they are so fidgety and hyper.

Our kennel has actually received two different awards because of how well we treat our dogs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kennels that don’t take nearly as good of care of their dogs as we do. I myself have three dogs at home, and I treat all of the dogs at the kennel as if they were mine. We don’t have a ton of dogs in our kennel though, which makes it a little bit easier to give each one quite a bit of attention on a daily basis.

Working on Obedience Training

One of the services that the kennel I work at offers is obedience training. I have quite a bit of experiencing with training dogs, so it’s not really a difficult job for me at all, though it can have its challenges. There are definitely some dogs that are more difficult to train than others. A lot of people want us to work on getting their dogs to obey certain commands, bark less and other things of that nature.

I have been training dogs professionally for over five years now, so I know what I am doing. Some dogs take longer to train than others, but I am almost always able to make progress with each dog that is dropped off at the kennel. Last week we had someone drop off their Rottweiler at the kennel, and I have been working with it every single day. I am really proud of myself whenever I have a breakthrough with a dog when training them; it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.

Obedience training is not always easy, especially with hyperactive dogs that won’t even sit still for more than a few seconds. Part of my job is explaining to each of our clients what they need to do after taking their dogs home so that the training we instill in them will stick. There are a lot of different tricks and techniques when it comes to training dogs, some of which are more effective than others.

I really enjoy training the dogs that come to our kennel, especially the ones that are more receptive to training. Usually the smarter breeds like border collies and golden retrievers are easier to train than most others. I am very patient, which I think is part of what makes me so good at my job.

Why I love working at my kennel so much

There are a lot of different reasons why I love working at my kennel so much, including the fact that it allows me to work with dogs on a regular basis. Dogs have always been my favorite animal/pet, and I cannot express how great it is to work with them every single day. I also find training dogs to be incredibly rewarding. There is just a sense of accomplishment that comes with doing this type of work that I have never really gotten before.

I also love working at my kennel because they have great standards when it comes to taking care of the dogs. I have been to numerous kennels that don’t take nearly as good care of their dogs as we do, so I am very grateful for that. It’s great to be able to work with so many different breeds on a regular basis.

I have to say that the people I work with are really great to, which just makes the job even better as a whole. I work with some very friendly and skilled trainers who care about dogs just as much as I do. I really wouldn’t rather do anything else professionally. While there are some days that can seem to stretch on forever, I definitely still love it overall.

The fact that I really enjoy training dogs so much is definitely one of the biggest reasons why I love working at the kennel. This job allows me to use my skills and help dogs at the same time.